Piece of Me

Britney Spears

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2007-12-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Video Length: 3:10

Music Video


  • First Song in History to Use the word Dairy-Air

    By InspireAF.com
    :). Britney rocks! :)
  • i love britney

    By Jherbert4469
    she is awesome
  • Good

    By sarahhcooperr
    Kiss your hand 10 times say your crushs name 10 times post this on two other videos look at your hand
  • Be nice

    By Bingojumbper123
    Haters you can hate but I love britney so shut up haters love you Britney
  • Poor Britney!!!

    By Tayswift4ever13
    Do you think she could be any more clear?? I mean poor Britney she can't go anywhere without the stupid paparazzi following her!!! I mean no wonder she smacked them with an umbrella... I cheered her on the entire time, because that's what they deserve!!! How would you feel if you were Britney?? I mean 'Slipping on the street when getting her groceries' and then being on the freaking front page of the people magazine!! Are you kidding me??! She's gone though some hard times, and the cruel paparazzi pushed her right into them. Leave poor Brit alone!! All this from a 14 yr old girl.
  • totaly fits the song

    By Muzikman3785
    this vid totaly fits piece of me. it also says how magazines like peple, star, ok, etc and tabaloids r FAKE
  • Kristina Sanchez

    By Kristina S
    This is my favorite video of all time. I think its the BEST VIDEO EVER!! While other videos are wacky and some are just outrageous this video is amazing. Way to go Britney!
  • Clothes

    By Hate band perry!
    Wow she has clothes on!!!!!!!
  • Yes, I want a piece of her

    By cjnwo4life
    Hot song and video. Enough said. Video of the year from VMA's
  • good song

    By by elena 02
    i love this song its really good, i never get tired of it!!! i love britney spears<3

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